Cat stories

Hello, my name is Ellis van Leuven and apart from running my cattery Cat Hotel Stoney Creek, I’m also a part-time companion animal veterinarian. In 2003 I emigrated with my husband Paul and our two cats (Vincent and Dirkje) to New Zealand. Since then I’ve worked on and off as a companion animal veterinarian. Cats are my favourite!

On our cattery website I’ll regularly bring you a funny, special, or moving story about an animal seen by myself or a colleague in veterinary practice.

And also, I’ve asked our own two cats Dirkje the Siamese (she’s 15 now) and our naughty chocolate mink Tonkinese Edward (both posing with me in the picture on the left) to write a little something about their lives with us and our cattery every now and again.

You’ll also find interesting information about cat care, cat behaviour and cat health to keep you up-to-date.