Dirkje's second update


It’s Dirkje. Paul and Ellis asked me to do an ‘update’ for the boarding cattery’s website and face book page. It had been ten years on the second of July since the four of us (Vincent as well, I still miss him!) moved to New Zealand. Paul and Ellis went to a nice restaurant in Riverhead to celebrate. I wasn’t invited, as it’s not a place for shy Siamese girls, they ...said. Never mind, I like to stay in my own house anyway, where everything is familiar. I don’t really like change.

It was a BIG change coming here, but I like it here. You see, in The Netherlands we all lived on a third-floor apartment, and Vincent was allowed to go outside, but I wasn’t. Vincent was a brave dude: he’d walk down the three flights of stairs and Paul or Ellis would let him out. He would spend quite some time away from me, and then come back with stories about the neighbourhood cats, all the funny scents he had come across, how he managed to cross the street and his new favourite spot to do his (ahem) ‘business’.

Even though Vincent was a brave dude, he still had a few accidents. He said it was just as well I had to stay inside, shy as I was. He once came home with a tear in his third eyelid, and Ellis had to take him to the vet. She was still learning to become one herself, and she took him to the man, Piet-Hein, she worked for as a nurse part-time. Piet-Hein made Vincent fall asleep for a short while, so he could fix it.

Another time, it was a Sunday and our humans wanted to have a sleep in, Vince and I wanted our breakfast and Vince urgently needed to go to the toilet. He rather didn’t use our cat toilet on the 1 m2 balcony, as he had his favourite spot for ‘business’ downstairs somewhere secret. We were meowing a bit and scratching the bedroom door. Paul brought us to the kitchen and closed the door, so they could doing their sleep in, you see. Then, when they came into the kitchen again to make their and our breakfast, Vincent was gone! He couldn’t have gone into a kitchen cabinet, although the humans checked everything, even the washing machine. Only thing that could have happened, was that he’d gone through the cat flap, onto the 1 m2 balcony, jumped onto the fence, and then were blown off! I saw him disappear, you see, but I couldn’t tell them. We were all so upset. Paul and Ellis went to search for him downstairs and outside, and, oh what a relief, he was there, but his tail wouldn’t work.

Just when Ellis was about to take him to her vet school, where they could take a special photo of his back, his tail started going in the ‘happy mode’ again, quiver and all! Paul and Ellis were so happy! It took about a week, I think. We all had a bit of a fright. But the biggest fright we all had when Vincent disappeared and nobody could find him! Paul and Ellis put pieces of paper on every lamp post (there are lots of them in The Netherlands) saying that Vincent disappeared and that we missed him very much!). And then after a few days, there he was, limping! He must have been careless crossing the road, Ellis thought a car probably hit him. Piet-Hein took one of these special photos of his leg and it was broken! Same leg as Edward just broke a few months ago, but close to his knee. He wasn’t allowed to go outside for a while, and he came right! It was too close to his knee to be able to put a pin in, she said, I don’t know what that means. He was walking very well again after a while.

Oh, Paul says this story is getting too long, I have to tell you about our plane adventure, going to New Zealand, next time. Talk to you later!

XXX Dirkje