Edward’s first update

Hi there, I’m Edward, no other fancy names like my stepsister, but Ellis and Paul sometimes call me Eddie or Ed or Edje Kroketje or Hoeneman, I don’t mind, I’m easy.

I’m two years old and I broke my leg. I have to stay inside and have a funny firm thing taped against my leg with something blue which I try to shake or bite off but then Ellis tells me off and checks if it’s not too tight. She says it’s only for another week, I don’t know how long a week is, I hope not too long. Ellis thinks I’m a very ‘handsome dude’, I guess I am. I’m milk chocolate coloured and I am always happy (well, I’ll be even MORE happy once that THING if off my leg).

I love people. I helped Paul and Ellis sell their house in Whangarei. They didn’t really want to sell it but they needed to move where there was work. Work, that’s what people have to do, apparently. Me, I love to snooze, hunt mice, and have fun! Oh, and tease Dirkje, my stepsister. But I also love to sleep very close to her and then we take turns washing each other.

Dirkje didn’t like me at first. She only wanted Vincent, she kept saying. But Vincent was gone. Paul and Ellis thought she would be happier being an only cat, but she so wanted their peoples’ attention, they thought she would like a kitten. Ellis’ friend Rose had my mother, Mia the blue mink Tonkinese, and my father, Hamish, the seal mink Burmese, and my four siblings. Ellis chose me, as she thought I was a handsome dude even then. I was seven weeks. Dirkje was very unkind for almost two months, then it became colder, and I was a bit bigger, and she found that it was okay to snuggle up with me. She is a Siamese and gets cold easily. Now we’re good friends, but sometimes I just want to have fun and run after her or I wash her and then all of a sudden I can’t help myself and then I wrap my arms around her and do a little bit of wrestling. She doesn’t like that. She can be a little bit huffy. But she’s got lots of stories to tell me, when we’re together on a cushion, or in a basket, she’s been on a PLANE, for example. I don’t know what a plane is, but I don’t think I want to be in one. It sounds noisy.

Dirkje takes her job at Paul and Ellis’ boarding cattery very seriously: she always wants to make sure that the units and beds have been properly cleaned, tries them all out. We both like to be in the common room and spend some time there (she prefers the beige igloo, I like the brown one), but we’re not allowed in there when there are guest cats staying.

I’ll stop now; will have another go at getting that THING of my leg!

Cheers, Ed