Edward’s second update

Hi there, it’s me again, Edward.

Guess what? That THING is off my leg! I did it myself, aren’t I clever?

Ellis took me to her vet clinic first to take new x-rays of my leg, this time she gave me an INJECTION which made me feel real drowsy and then I fell asleep. She told me later my leg looked better. But! Then she decided to put a NEW thing on my leg, just ‘for another 2 weeks’, as I was still limping, so when I woke up, it was still there!!! Well, I can tell you, I decided enough was enough and a few days later I finally managed to get that THING of my leg: Paul found it on the floor.

At first I hobbled around a bit, sometimes using it, but somehow the funny leg didn’t feel as STRONG as the other one and then I just walked on 3 legs. Ellis was worried, I could tell, so just to cheer her up I did happy, funny things, just to make her laugh and feel that I would be all right, like running through a plate of PORRIDGE while Paul was playing with me. After a few days my leg was fine and I walked like a normal cat dude again. And now I’ve been able to go outside again for a week, it’s GREAT! I’ve already brought Paul and Ellis many mice, and even a rat, but I really watch out for the road now, with the noisy cars.

Tomorrow we’re getting three kittens to stay in our boarding cattery so Dirkje is in there right now checking if the beds are still in order and comfy.

Here’s a picture of me in the garden, I LOVE the garden! And another one Ellis thinks is quite cute: me and Dirkje, lounging on the kitchen chair. And us together in our cat basket, Ellis thinks it’s funny, I don’t know why.

Cheers, Edward