Edward's third update

Hi there,

It’s me, Edward! Ellis said it’s been ages since we’ve done an update, and now I’m the one to tell you what’s happened in the past half year (or so) here at Cat Hotel Stoney Creek boarding cattery. Well, the boarding cattery is going very well! Paul and Ellis recently took over a database from another boarding cattery in Dairy Flat, called Catarama cattery, as they closed down in September 2013. There are quite a few customers from the Auckland area, who come here now, which is great, and Ellis is ringing the customers who haven’t heard from us yet. They also took over some of their units, which we can use when we’re going to expand, in the next few years. All very exciting news!

We also had some nice people, Nick and Annette from Branching Out Again Ltd, helping us to make the garden look nicer. I know a lot about our garden, and told them what needed doing. They’ve been in a few times and cut back shrubs, took down some trees, and cleaned the pond. It was about ten (!) truckloads of mud and rubbish that came out of our pond, yuk! No wonder I couldn’t find any fish, hope we will have some soon now.

And the other sad and good news is that a little while ago we had to say goodbye to our neighbour cat, little Abyssinian Shari, who got quite ill. I used to tease her a bit; I couldn’t help myself, you know, I’m a healthy strong three-year-old boy, but now I’m sorry. She is buried in the garden across the road, and I did a poo on her grave, just because I thought the soil was so nice and loose, I didn’t know, honestly!!! Then Ellis told me off, but our dear neighbour Audrey (she still loves me) understood, and knew I didn’t mean to hurt her. In fact, she likes me so much that after a little while she got herself a new cat friend and guess what? He’s a Tonkinese… like me! Khan is his name and boy, he’s going to be BIG: he’s only seven months old and already 4.5 kg and his hands and feet are HUGE so I think he’ll be even bigger than me once he’s not a teenager any more. We’ve met a few times now and everyone is happy that there hasn’t been any growling or miaowing or fighting. He’s a hard case! We’re not really supposed to meet each other you know, as the road can be dangerous (remember I broke my leg last year?) but now our humans are joking about making a tunnel for us, like they do for dairy cattle. We boys like the idea of a flying fox much better, wouldn’t that be cool!

Okay, that’s it for now. Oh, Dirkje and I were told we both need a BATH sometime soon: I have all this sticky stuff on my coat, from these grassy stalky things in our garden, and Dirkje sat under Audrey’s ute the other day, when Ellis borrowed it to get compost and white stone chips, so I’m sticky and she’s smudgy. I’m not sure about a bath, I never had one. I’ll tell you about it in the next update. Oh oh, and Ellis found a part-time job with the nice people from Helensville Vets, she’s very happy!