Our sign in the paddock at the T-junction SH 16/Stoney Creek Road

Our business car: Edward our Tonkinese is in our logo

Our new extension!

Reception and treatment room of our extension

Satya and Ned hanging out together in cat room one of our extension

Best friends Archie and Loki

Marcus the Bengal has a very special coat: a bit tufty, like a toy's: you can't help but want to cuddle him!

Sioux Sioux came all the way from Fiji and came to stay with us after having been in quarantaine for ten days first

Entrance older cattery

Kittens Moby and Rigby met here in our Cat Hotel and they wrestle, play and even sleep together!

Henry and his new kitten friend Moby playing

Companionably enjoying the morning sun

Henry, Jess and Miyake playing hide and seek

Milo, Minnie Mouse and Tiger Lil chilling out

Jess and Aurora don't mind sharing the scratching post

Amber showing off, with ginger boys Wiggles and FB

We have lots of beds, (puzzle) toys, shelves, places to hide from view, and scratchers

Lots of nice places to sit

'Move over Mabel, I want to sit there too!', says Bebe

Lots of fresh air, birdsong, and beautiful peaceful surroundings

We have eight double units (four pictured here), who can function as single units when required

Pussells, Squeak and Katinka

Lexus having a good old scratching workout, Mabel watching from above

Our cosy communal room

Our guests regularly make new new friends, like Jagger and Higgins in this picture

Henry and Miyake became good friends in our Cat Hotel

New friends Miyake and Bob

Ralphy and Pussells sharing the window sill

Two handsome Tonkinese: Teddy and Cairo

Basil, Mabel, Leo, Squeak, and Milly

Higgins and Henry sharing the scratching post

Burmese Brothers and Best Friends Mocha and Chino: such sweet boys!

Higgins and his Bengal friend Jagger

10-Month old Merman

Sweet Mandalay Bene stays with us regularly

Sheeba, waiting for Ellis to put the water jug on the floor, so cute!

Radar always arrives with his own favourite sock. He is a 'collector': Radar loves children's toys and clothing. But he's also brought home cushions, baby blankets and once a queen size polar fleece blanket (found in the garden, it must have been too heavy to get to the house.) How cool is that???

Oriental girl Honey knows she's very pretty!

Handsome Jet with his long Oriental face

Stanley is a very laid back and friendly elderly gentleman

Look at this handsome British Shorthair Puss Puss!

Doesn't Savanna have the most amazing eyes?

Teddy has the sweetest voice

Soloman is a very smoochy boy

Sweet Lexus is a real chatterbox

Mabel always loves staying at our Cat Hotel, and we love her being here!

Burmese Pippi is a real character, as you can tell from this picture!

Sleeping beauty Lilly

Cashew does a double take: Edward walks past on our veranda

Doesn't 16-year old Smokey look well for her age?

Maine Coon kitten Aurora


Good mooorning, dear Molly!



Cairo the Tonkinese is a regular in our Cat Hotel and is a very talkative boy!

Milo and her friends Minnie Mouse and Tiger Lil stayed with us for about 6 weeks. She has the sweetest nature and a very cute meow: a bit like 'Simon's cat'!

Minnie Mouse snoozing

Tiger Lil relaxing

Sylvester is a true gentleman

This is little Zoe. It is her first visit in our Cat Hotel and look how chilled she is!

Handsome Charlie, such a gentle boy

Mickel the Burmese girl is very affectionate

Dexter the Siamese loves this igloo

Smoochy Kato

Burmese kitten Rigby: lots of fun!

1-Year old Ryder: a lovely, happy boy

1-Year old Ruby, initially a bit shy, now very playful and cheeky!

Beautiful British Shorthair Blue

Hello, dear Aeriel!

You're comfy, Turbo?

Ned has a lovely, calm presence

Maine Coon cross Shira

Super cute and sweet kitten Prince

This lovely old lady is Millie

16-Year old Max is a bit shy

It was 10-month old Missy's first stay in a cattery, and she did really well!

Merman and Jack

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